Breach of Conscience

by Protocols

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Drums Recorded in Diffusonix Studios
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Mix and Master Carlos Rosa Studios


released April 22, 2017

Micky // Vocals
Jay // Guitar
Jorge // Lead Guitar
Joselito // Bass
Leo // Drums



all rights reserved


Protocols Puerto Rico

Micky - Vocals
Jorge - Lead Guitar
Leo - Drums
Jay - Guitar
Joselito - Bass

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Track Name: Barriers
The buried stand taller than gods in this moment, they merely recite unforeseen paradoxes. The plan is laid out they came to witness decay and starvation. The underground transcends the scope of death and life. Where the sun never rises, there is no sense of space and time. We contemplate, hallucinate around the cold to keep us forgotten, we're born as brothers in this void. These barriers strengthen with each passing breath, solidified from molten love, descension of aborted souls. Celestial promises used to eradicate, denial forced upon within, i barely escape reality. Perception is fading faster than a prayer in bliss and apparent reason. We can't afford to find a way out if the apex turns out to be just a layer. Come to me afterlife, show me the secrets of condemnation i chose you over slavery and deception, they cannot reach deep enough to find me here. Someday i wont miss the sunlight, someday I wont regret relinquishing my own vessel. Omnipotent presence in parasitical form, vows to overstay its welcome.
Track Name: A Lightness Pristine
All shapeless of elements are clustered inside our brains, we receive broken signals of humanity's embrace. The hours spent in an illusion that we all created to enable reason, gone. We take for granted all life that surrounds us. Taking back an instant, the hardest to overcome, distorted memories haunt me, i cant make it stop. Lightless reflections, take a look at what you've done, for the hopeless to reveal, to conceal, to carry on. Lightless reflections rendered by tormented souls breaking consciousness to heal to conceal to carry on. Fear cannot control our future, ascendance is a step away.
Track Name: Sequential Abandonment
Living in fear, clouded by failure, signals expire, given to hopelessness. Thrive in destruction plotting in the dark, this island is forsaken with indifference. Null state of consciousness, unremembered. We're corpses left to rot, words are but inconsequent. We're becoming the nemesis, an obsessive fixation with regress and collapse, a pathologic affinity for artifacts. Portals open to the past, faced with predetermined decisions made for us. We're too blind to see the sun, scarred at birth in excess, deprived of purpose. It's like its not even there but staring straight to your face. It's unrelenting. Asymmetric walls, what together was built, together will burn, together must fall. Bring us death and the apocalypse, we were dead since the beginning, unsustainable manipulation, it all comes to an end. One by one. Unless you cut off the tongue of the one you call lord, these motherfuckers will never surrender.