by Protocols

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This is the official very first EP production. Enjoy!


released January 18, 2013

Recorded and Mixed at Showboat Media Recordings

Vocals Recorded at Party Hardy Recordings

Music and Produced by Protocols

Mastering at: Time Lapse Mastering Studio

Artwork by Gabriel Serrano



all rights reserved


Protocols Puerto Rico

Micky - Vocals
Jorge - Lead Guitar
Leo - Drums
Jay - Guitar
Joselito - Bass

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Track Name: Elitist Eyes
Inhale the atmosphere entirely. Take it deep. Condensed synthetic words we speak. Another thief from necessity. The end will justify the means in their eyes. Claiming a life that finds beauty in peril. Force fed ideals designed to wage wars. The blood of the slaves turns putrid ground sterile. The end will justify the means in their eyes. Elitist and dormant eyes. A rope knit from tears in its solid state bore the mistress around her neck. We all salivate instinctively, the air reeks of starvation. Every breath a struggle we're slaying for crumbs. We won't let you out of focus as locusts, they block out the sun. A plague migrating southbound parallel to the scum.

Father where are you? Are you listening? Take us in, we're your children. Despite of what I said before, I'm here starved and barefoot before your door. I hear no answer.

Elitist eyes must see beauty in peril.
Track Name: Equal Disadvantage
Unnatural, a vision, magnetic apathy. I never saw it leave.

All delusions triggered by the same. Traces displayed in intervals of black and grey. Their whereabouts unknown for aeons passed in a trance. Let the killers, robbers, rapists desecrate the motherland. Sinking in quicksand, converts swore persuaded to a pact of blood. Dehumanization ensued, loss of comprehension induced by manic thought patterns.

Distortions outline the brightest of skylines. Should've made through by now. My eyes set ablaze lurk unstable pixelated remains of what reality used to be.

React. Just stay awake, This institution is due for a shake up.

Stripped of their will they march facedown. Leaving a trail of silence. The purest of the souls shed their skins in disgust. Mislead in hope dethroned.

Take us to the leaders of de-evolution. The unequivocal guardians of lies.

Born from the cracks of skulls crawl the martyrs.
Bearing the bloodline of ancient theorists. Prove them wrong..

We are the word spread out by winds of regression. We are the word carried on for centuries intact. Infecting conscience, it breeds and multiplies. We're at a standstill an equal disadvantage at last...

Take us to the leaders of de-evolution. The unequivocal guardians of lies.

Transcend to state of guilt inevitable.
Bury your beliefs.
Living, breathing embrace oblivion. Indestructible.

No air to breathe, no light to see. Locked in deep. Insanity..
Track Name: Echo Of An Echo
I suffocate under the doctrine obliterating ecstasy. Striving for a reason that has yet to be found. Your intellect will get you nowhere when your foaming at the mouth. We've been cursed upon with arrogance and greed. Spit to my face you know better that I deserve worse. I abandoned my loved ones a long time ago. There are rips, there are cracks in the fabric of space and time. You scream into a void of immeasurable depth. At the core echoes of neglected dreams. Ones that willingly were taken away. Ages wither the mind but keep intentions clear. Clear for anyone, for anything. Disperse the masses a breach has taken place. Collect the carcasses and strip them. Kill for necessity, just don't let them see your face.. you'll go down as one of them.
For this love, it seems to fail. This creation we must burn. Tear away at your brother eternally.
Track Name: Suicidal Ghosts
I'm living on borrowed fantasies again. Lucidity comes quick with blasphemy. Remind me who i was, remind me what i stood for. Your picture fades into stagnation white. Show me how to reach inside your voice. When this moment drains away through reason. Take me far and deep into your eyes. Just a mere immortal chasing windows. Impregnable ideals change from hand to hand. A ghoul, a thief blessed with complexity. Amorphous, speaking backwards catching orbit 'round your stilts found a higher conscience.
Show me how to reach inside your voice. When this moment drains away through reason. Take me far and deep into your eyes. Just a mere immortal chasing windows.
Track Name: The Decay Of Antimatter
You manifest in distant memories again. You cast the coldest shadow my skin has ever felt. I risk perpetual paralysis revisiting them. Underneath it all we confide resistance. It's natural to second guess every word. To question your honor. Underneath it all consequences fail us. When purity gets filtered out by justice the pleads of the damned are heard. Acknowledge the deceased make an attempt to reconnect with them. Molested by decay while they await a new awakening. Soon we'll rejoice at your expense, remember me.
A swift calm caresses my sanity. Enlightened becoming instantly bound. Waste of half a lifetime reflecting on the unfold. Took my eye off the target and the rest was left unsaid. We all go back to dust eventually. Washed away by the tides of deceit.